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College Safety Rules Update

Thanks to some very attentive coaches, we realize there were two rules left off of the 2009-2010 AACCA College Safety Rules that should have been included.

The first is a new rule put in place last year regarding handspring load-ins to partner stunts. This skill now requires a spotter if the top person is released during the load-in. This is true for any skill coming from a handstand type of load whether it is from a handspring or stationary. The reason for the required spotter is that in the event that the top person does not get the proper height, or that the skill over-rotates, the top person will not be in a position to get her feet under her body.

The second rule that was left off of the original 2009-2010 rules is in regard to the number of skills allowed in basket tosses, including a table of example legal and illegal basket toss skill combinations.

The updated college rules can be found at and in pdf form at

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